Growing Up Fast

October 11, 2011

Sweet white puppy
It’s been awhile. I’m now feeling much better, especially since I get to lounge on mommy’s yoga mat
Ellvy not sharing her Salmon Paws
I love Salmon Paws. Can’t go wrong with all natural wild salmon. Maybe I’m a tad spoiled.
Puppy's favorite salmon treat by Salmon Paws

Ellvy loves to read Cesar's Rules
Cesar Millan and I go wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back! This is the first book I learned to read.
Puppy's favorite book Caesar's Rules

Love the Sam's Yams dog chew
Oh Sam, when I was a baby these yams were great chew toys. Now I can’t help but scarf them down!
Puppy's favorite vegetable treat Sam's YamsPuppy cone of shame
No longer a baby… the cone of shame :/

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